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LexisNexis TotalPatent One™ Overview(45 Minutes)

TotalPatent Overview will walk though all the TotalPatent functionality, including the most commonly used search fields and operators.

LexisNexis TotalPatent One™ Advanced (45 Minutes)

TotalPatent Advance will also include a quick walkthrough, but concentrate mainly on all the different search options, fields and operators.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I receiving communications about LexisNexis TotalPatent One™?
We are actively migrating our current TotalPatent customers to our new flagship product, TotalPatent One™. You are receiving communications and IDs because the migration process has started for your account.

What is TotalPatent One?
TotalPatent One is our new, cutting edge patent research tool that offers many advantages over our legacy TotalPatent™ product including performance and ease of use.

What is happening to TotalPatent?
TotalPatent One was developed as a replacement for TotalPatent and offers significant advantages over the older product. TotalPatent will continue to be available for existing customers for several months during their transition and then will be decommissioned.

I received my user ID and password for LexisNexis TotalPatent One, how do I change my password?
Passwords will be fixed for the first 60 days of use. You will be able to change your password after 60 days provided it meets the strength criteria.

Will I still have access to TotalPatent now that I have a TotalPatent One ID?
We understand that any transition takes some time so we are providing you with access to both TotalPatent and TotalPatent One for several months (at no additional charge) while you get up to speed on the new product.

What browsers are LexisNexis TotalPatent One compatible with?
TotalPatent One is compatible with most modern browsers including Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 10 and above.

What type of training and other resources are available to me to learn how to use TotalPatent One?
LexisNexis is committed to making your transition to TotalPatent One as smooth as possible. This page allows you to signup for one of our free training webinars as well as other training and educational materials to guide you through the process of getting to know TotalPatent One. We will be continuously updating this site to offer a full breadth of resources.

Will my current contract be affected?
Your current contract pricing and term will continue to be honored through its end date. There is no additional fee for using TotalPatent One. You may see some changes to what is being billed but your monthly commitment will remain unchanged.

Will I need to sign a new contract?
You will only need to sign a new contract if your current contract is up for renewal.

What will happen when my current contract ends?
Contract renewals will follow the same guidelines that you are accustomed to; pricing and other terms will be in line with existing contract commitments in most cases.

Who do I contact for support or assistance with using the product?
In addition to the migration and training available HERE, Customer Support for TotalPatent One remains the same as it is for TotalPatent. You can contact our Customer Support team at 877-412-3987 or via your nearest LexisNexis® Customer Support Center listed here: Local CS.

Does TotalPatent One have all the same features as TotalPatent?
TotalPatent One is a completely new product so it is not, nor was it intended to be, an exact copy of TotalPatent. TotalPatent One offers the most commonly used features and functionality of TotalPatent with improved ease of use and performance.  There will be differences in how tasks are completed and availability of some features.

I have a lot of saved queries, alerts and workfolders setup in TotalPatent, what will happen to them when I migrate?
Beginning in January, we will provide an automated means for you to migrate your existing user data from TotalPatent to TotalPatent One. Alerts, saved searches and workfolders can be migrated to TotalPatent One. It will be a one-time process initiated by each customer when they are ready. After the process is complete, you will still have all your data in TotalPatent.

Is the query syntax the same in TotalPatent One as it is for TotalPatent?
The syntax is a little different for TotalPatent One than TotalPatent so some operators and connectors will be different. In order to facilitate adoption of the new syntax, an Objects search option is available. This simple to use feature allows you to build a query by selecting available fields and connectors.

Will TotalPatent One work on my tablet or other mobile devices?
Although TotalPatent One will work on a majority of mobile devices now, it is not 100% certified for mobile device use just yet.

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