LexisNexis PathWays™

Leveraging the power of big data to direct your application to the best path for success—all before filing the application.

Choose the best art unit for your application

Avoid getting your patent application stuck in a low-allowance art unit

Even similar Art Units can have as much as 50 percent variability in allowance rates. Influence the likelihood and the time it takes to get your patent approved with LexisNexis PathWays.

Predict your application’s future

PathWays is the only tool that predicts the path your application is likely to take at the USPTO, and helps guide you toward the best one

It helps you characterize your invention in a way that will get you the best quality patent in the shortest time. LexisNexis PathWays is the only software engine that leverages the power of big data to enable patent lawyers to estimate the relative cost and length of time to obtain a patent in addition to its chances of success—all before filing the application.


PathWays provides highly accurate predictive analytics on USPTO art units, CPCs and USPCs that enable you to:



Set Expectations

Set expectations on the timing, cost and likelihood of success

Examiner Alignment

Direct your application toward the group of examiners who best understand your technology

Art Unit Alignment

Draft your application so it aligns with the art unit that represents the best fit for your patent


Make budget-based decisions on which applications to file

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