LexisNexis PatentStrategies®

Better insights for licensing and monetization of your IP portfolio.

  • NEW! Chemical Search

    The addition of chemical searching in Advanced Analysis significantly decreases the time spent going from one platform to another. You no longer need to search for chemical structures in one tool, cross-reference, and then import the relevant data into Advanced Analysis to find answers.

    This new search type is flexible, allowing you to draw your own structures or type in familiar formats, including: CAS IDs, SMILES, MDL Mol files, generic names (e.g., caffeine), or trademarked product names (e.g., Advil®). Having an actual drawing of the structure returns documents that are much more relevant than a text-based search describing the compound of interest. From here, analysis can be done immediately without having to go between systems.

    For more information on Chemical Research in LexisNexis Patent Strategies® please contact us

    LexisNexis Brings Big Data Analysis to IP

    PatentStrategies correlates nearly 90 million worldwide patents with financial, litigation, market and key business data to provide a complete picture of the intellectual property (IP) landscape. With constantly updated data from 102 patent jurisdictions, over 100 data sources and more than 50 visualizations, you can uncover insight in minutes instead of days or weeks.

    Uncover insights in seconds

    Search tools are great for looking up a patent, but they don’t correlate financial, legal, company, inventors and other pertinent data. This leaves IP professionals with a lot of manual research to understand markets, portfolios, or discrete technologies.

    PatentStrategies is designed to uncover insight in seconds that cannot be found with search tools, thus providing a compelling return on investment. Our correlation engine and data are cleansed and updated weekly. You can be assured of the freshest data and state-of-the-art analytics.

    • Research & Innovation: Explore freedom-to-operate, examine white space, prepare disclosures and find technology collaborators
    • Licensing: Find adjacent markets and prospects to license technology to or from and monetize under-utilized technologies
    • Competitive Analysis: Examine the market, competitors, technology trends and litigation
    • Litigation: View litigation trends and predict threats, find invalidating prior art and develop defense and assertion strategies
    • Acquisitions: Scrutinize IP portfolios during M&A due diligence, find chain-of-title errors, perform gap analysis and portfolio comparisons
    • Risk Management: Drill into analytics to develop risk plans, strategy and mitigation alternatives
    • Strategy: Track and monitor IP investments, view market landscape and find options to create competitive advantage

    Unique Features

    Like no other tool on the market, PatentStrategies makes your daily work easier by providing more accurate insight and tools for specific needs.

    • Secure and private
    • More than 50 different visualizations
    • Exportable data to Microsoft Office products
    • One-click wizards make common tasks quick and easy Alerts, labels, color-coding
    • Project collaboration Patents, legal status, expirations, litigation details, extended references, non-patent literature, file histories and more
    • Outstanding training, support and professional services
    • Bundled playbooks include Gem Finder, Ideation, Infringement Hunting, Invention Review, Kill-A-Patent, Litigation Track Record, Minesweeper, Portfolio Breakdown and Threat Assessment
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