LexisNexis PatentOptimizer®

Revolutionary patent drafting software that automates and streamlines the process of creating high-quality patent applications.

Critical quality control

When drafting patent claims, ensure a broad but defensible claim set

Automate and streamline the process of drafting high-quality EP, PCT and US patent applications in English with PatentOptimizerTM. Quality, efficiency and consistency matter more today than ever before and with PatentOptimizer you are supported in the process of drafting and analyzing your patents.

Mitigate legal risk & increase efficiency

Patentoptimizer enables you to:

  • Compare documents to detect new and deleted matter appearing anywhere in the documents
  • Do claim analyses with the aid of a chart that shows the structure of dependant and independent claims
  • Create a complete error report with a single click to identify claim issues, drawing reference anomalies, improper or vague term and phrase usage
  • Check for proper antecedent basis within the claims, adequate support in the drawings and consistency in parts labeling and numbering

Support International Applications

PatentOptimizer offers unique features to support international applications such as:


Allows you to search, browse and navigate English language patent terminology gathered from the EP Canadian and US databases.



Provides fully comprehensive error analysis of patent applications, pre-grant publications and issued patents with cross-links directly to the related PatentOptimizer tool.

“PatentOptimizer provides a greater degree of quality control for patent drafting than found elsewhere and our clients appreciate the extra steps that we take to
mitigate their risk.”

Mercedes Meyer | Partner, Drinker Biddle & Reath

LexisNexis PatentOptimizer

Develop internally consistent, concise, and well-tailored patent applications

Work more efficiently to develop broad but defensible claim sets with PatentOptimizer

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Draft higher-quality patent applications built to avoid §112 rejections

Perform critical quality control checks and streamline patent claims analysis

Create comprehensive, configurable “one-click” error reports that reduce drafting and review time

Easily search patents, including design patents, with the most powerful text-to-image viewer on the market

Utilize the exclusive patent thesaurus and master index of parts for a highly comprehensive view into the USPTO, EPO, and WIPO

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