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Reduce risk and validate your decisions with Legal Analytics® by Lex Machina

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  • Legal Analytics® for winning IP Strategy

    Lex Machina mines litigation data, revealing insights never before available about judges, lawyers, parties, and the subjects of the cases themselves, culled from millions of pages of litigation information. We call these insights Legal Analytics®, because analytics involves the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

    Use Legal Analytics® to win in the highly competitive business and practice of law.

    Lex Machina for Corporations

    Corporate counsel use Lex Machina to select and manage outside counsel and set litigation strategy and tactics.

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    Lex Machina for Law Firms

    Law firm attorneys and their staff use Lex Machina to pitch and land new clients and win lawsuits.

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    Learn how you can use Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics to develop data-driven IP business strategies to succeed in this tough environment: win lawsuits, close transactions, and maximize IP value.

  • It’s a fact: IP has become critical to the bottom line

    Corporate success — revenues and share price — used to revolve primarily around the ability to make and sell novel products or services. Boards and executives saw IP as important, but defensive.

    Today, protection of new patents, copyrights and trademarks drives business planning and operations.

    IP licenses, purchases and sales directly impact profits. IP litigation consumes precious resources and can result in huge success or threaten company ruin. In fact, over the past 35 years, intangible assets have grown from 17% to 80% of the market value of the S&P 500.
    Lex Machina enables companies to develop data-driven IP business strategies to succeed in this tough environment: win lawsuits, close transactions, and maximize IP value.


    See how your company can gain insights that create a winning IP strategy with a demo of Lex Machina Data Analytics


    Outside Counsel Selection

    Have you been pitched by several law firms that all have “extensive expertise” before the judge in your case? Only Lex Machina can show you a comprehensive overview of each law firm’s experience before your judge, including outcomes for the client in each case. See what other companies your attorneys are working for. Now you can compare counsel to discover who really has the best experience.

    Early Case Assessment

    When you get sued, you want fast answers to basic questions about the plaintiff and their law firm—without having to wait and pay for the information. Traditional research tools might be able to show you a list of your opponent’s cases, but only Lex Machina can show you actionable insights—like the average time to termination and outcomes of those cases—in one click.

    Motion Strategy

    Trying to decide whether it’s worth filing an expensive motion? Lex Machina can show you statistics about the success of your potential motion, tailored to the sample of cases you care about. If your judge has only granted a motion to transfer 3 out of 50 times in the last five years, you might save your money by skipping that motion and investing in a different strategy.

    IP Transactions

    Are you looking to strengthen your IP portfolio through acquisition? Performing due diligence or competitive analysis? Or exploring how to monetize your IP? With one glance you can view the litigation history for an entire patent portfolio, including the number of times each patent has been asserted, findings of infringement, invalidity, and unenforceability, and all damages awarded. Our Patent Similarity Engine lets you broaden your search, and discover similar, but unobvious patents. Analyze the litigation track record of potential licensees. Find out how often they have sought a declaratory judgment, were involved in litigation regarding royalties, or exceeded the scope of a license. Find companies that settle quickly, as opposed to those who aggressively pursue invalidity claims.

    Peer Benchmarking

    Are you worried that you’re spending twice as much money as your industry peers on litigation? Lex Machina’s unique Peer Company Analysis helps you to quickly and effectively compare your litigation behavior and the resulting outcomes to that of your peers. See which law firms your peers use, their case loads, time to trial, patent invalidity outcomes, and more.

  • Lex Machina enables lawyers to be better lawyers

    How can you increase your odds of winning in a competitive environment?

    Lawyers have traditionally competed by combining two key skills: legal research and reasoning. But now there’s a third leg to the law practice stool. Legal Analytics enables lawyers to gain critical advantage in the business and practice of law. With data driven insight Lex Machina enables law firms to pitch and land new clients and win lawsuits.

    See how Legal Analytics can be your winning edge with a demo of Lex Machina

    Legal Analytics see what you can’t, so you can see the opportunities within.


    Win More Pitches

    The advantage begins with marketing and business development. Law firms use Lex Machina’s data and insights to quantify their relevant experience, compare it with their competitors and quickly assemble winning pitch decks. They use it to demonstrate specific subject matter expertise, familiarity with opposing parties and counsel, experience in front of a specific judge and available bandwidth.

    Win Lawsuits

    Legal Analytics reveals meaningful patterns in data about prior litigation. Need to persuade a judge to grant a transfer of venue in litigation? See what trends emerge from all her  transfer orders in prior cases. Need to predict how long a case will last? Lex Machina provides granular data about time to trial and time to termination for every federal judge. Need competitive intelligence about opposing counsel? Client lists, total open cases, relevant experience and other data is now just a mouse-click away.

    Craft Motion Strategy

    Successful lawyers use Legal Analytics to craft winning motion strategy.Motion Metrics makes it easy to identify motions and orders that are relevant for your case. Lex Machina provides you with examples of winning and losing motions and links together all aspects of a motion chain.

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