LexisNexis® IP DataDirect

Tailored selections of global patent data in the uniform XML ST.36 format

Support & enhance your IP intelligence

A world of patent data in your own IP management system

LexisNexis®’ industry-leading collection of patent content can be used to fill your in-house patent data system or meet your bulk patent data needs. The available data consists of 104 authorities and includes value added elements such as Machine Translation, Legal Data, normalized names and family data. It is available in XML ST.36 and on your preferred delivery method.

IP DataDirect features at a glance:

  • Bulk: frequent data stream, segmentation based on technology area, date ranges, data elements and kind code, with updates within hours
  • API: Direct search in the full collection for immediate implementation into your in-house data system
  • Custom: on-demand delivery of patent data sets, tailored to your specific data needs, within Two working days

Do you have specific requirements for getting patent information?

LexisNexis customizes your patent information exactly to your needs. All technical requirements of the major in-house IP management and analytic tools can be met. The experience of the LexisNexis team with these specifics assures a sound advice on setting up an efficient and secure data stream.


Direct access to the most comprehensive patent data from authorities across the world

Tailored selections of global patent data in the uniform XML ST.36 format


Updates of relevant patent documents directly into your patent management system

Standardized data in the uniform XML ST.36 format

All the latest patent data available from major patent authorities

Remove the need to compile, convert and upload multiple patent data formats from multiple sources

Work more efficiently and lower operational costs by reducing manual processes

Customizable bulk patent data made easy

Find out how easy it is to automatically download bulk data into your patent management system.


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