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Smart. Patents.

Do you have or handle Patents? How do you know you have chosen the smartest course?

Do you have the right Analytics in place?

Are you sure you get the most out of your patents?

The Patent Workflow

Developing and retaining quality intellectual property drives innovation and advances the economy. Bringing it to life in the most efficient and comprehensive manner, understanding the competitive landscape and extracting the maximum value from your patents is critical to your success.

What is your main interest in Patents?

R & D

Your ideas deserve the right protection; not only have you spend efforts and resources but you believe in them and want to see them come to fruition, survive and thrive!


Patent-Strength is a legal matter. From drafting a patent in a way that helps to get it granted to prosecution and after all sending it whenever necessary.

Business & Strategy

Your Patents are Strategic Assets; Whether they bring you fortune or challenges, it depends on your understanding of the landscape and how you navigate it. Nonetization, Licensing… all terms that you should be thinking of.

Academical & Other

You are interested in the World of Patents; this complex world offers so many interesting ideas, inspiration… and issues too. Getting a proper understanding not only gives you a better perspective but also an edge in your research and business opportunities.

Patent Analytics

Managing your Patents in a smart way comes down to not only having the most accurate data but also the right tools that provide you with the insights!

Chris Holt, VP of Patent Analytics with LexisNexis IP Solutions is sometimes called the ‘Godfather of Patent Analytics’.  A former US Patent Attorney with a passion for data was triggered by the lack of information during the US Patent prosecution Process. His answer was developing PatentAdvisor™ and advanced metrics such as the latest ETA (Examiner Time Allocation). This Metric is the ultimate metric that says everything about your USPTO Patent Application!

Read more about ETA here

Chris will be in Australia on 22 & 23 March 2018


At your disposal – Ulrike Biedermann

Questions need to be answered! That’s what I will do with your Patent-related questions!

My name is Ulrike Biedermann and over the past 5 years I have been helping organizations increasing their success and efficiency during the entire Patent Lifecycle – From invention to Patent expiration  – and to enable them reducing risks and costs by making better decisions in shorter time. I believe that leveraging Analytics make all the difference in the complex world of Patents.

It would be my pleasure to explore how I could help you to get the most out of your Patents.

From 15 to 23 March and on 9 & 10 April I will be in and around Sydney, let’s meet!

Would be great to meet you soon!



Let’s connect on LinkedIn!

Let’s check whether you Patent Portfolio is smart enough?

Feel free to contact us with your Patent-related questions!


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