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LexisNexis TotalPatent One.     One database with the answer to all your queries

There are many different patent databases, which may be a problem for anyone researching international patents. How many different databases do you need to find, learn how to use and export data from?

LexisNexis® has a simple answer to that question. One. TotalPatent One™.

The benefits of using TotalPatent One’s patent database

In order to improve the quality of your research, TotalPatent One™ provides easy access to the world’s largest collection of searchable full text and bibliographic information. This data includes all the latest patent data available from major authorities, as well as value added elements such as machine translation, legal data, normalised names and family data.

TotalPatentOne offers over 81 million pdf documents with data on 100+ patent authorities, including full text access to 32 of these, as well as bibliographic information from over 100 authorities (100+ million documents).

TotalPatentOne means that:

  • You are assured that your patent research is complete with the world’s largest and deepest collection of patent data from across the globe.
  • You can instantly view information on the authorities, assignees and class codes of your search with visual analytics.
  • You find the exact information you need with on-point search results.
  • You have a faster, more fluid user experience with no waiting for pages to load due to single page application technology and infinite scroll results pages.

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