The world around us is full of Patents.

Let us help you get & keep yours!


Patentable Idea?

Patent Application?

Patent Granted?

Prepare, Draft, Prosecute, Monetize, Defend, Monitor and Manage your Patents across the Patent workflow with Confidence.


Intellectual Property is determining the world around us. Once the reward for sharing your invention with the world, now it’s serious business.

Let us help you to take your Patents seriously with our Smart (Analytics-) solutions that ‘grant’ you the best decisionmaking.

LexisNexis IP Solutions

Provides smart solutions in every phase of the Patent Workflow. We work with world’s most extensive collection of Patents from over 103 Authorities. Our Analytics solutions provide crucial insights into the Prosecution process, the entire Patent Landscape and into litigation data that grants you the edge when it matters most.

Patentable Ideas?

Your Idea might be great, no doubt about it… Whether you get a Patent depends on so many factors. Control the ones you can control!

Do deep Prior Art Search, dive into the impressive databases of more than 103 patent Authorities, Draft your Patent Application in a smart way as to evade possible office actions.

...and I need a Smart Patent Search Solution

...and I need to Draft a strong Patent

Patent Applications filed?

...and want to know the exact status of our applications

...and want to know IF our Patents will be granted

...and want to make amends to our Applications

Patents Granted?

...and want to Monetize it


...and want to keep/Defend it


...and want to Manage it


I already have a Patent…

...and want to Monetize it

...and want to keep/Defend it

...and want to Manage it

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